Thanh Khe District



Thanh Khê is a Da Nang urban district in Vietnam’s South Central Coast area. The district has a total size of 9 km2 and a population of 160,953 people in 2003. The district capital lies at Xuân Hà ward. There are ten wards in the district:

As a district with the highest population density in the city, however, it is unevenly distributed. In the wards engaged in commercial and service activities, the population density is very high, up to 34,000 to 36,000 people/km², much higher. much more than the agricultural wards.

Thanh Khe district is located on the inter-regional and international traffic hub, adjacent to Da Nang airport, railway station, inter-provincial bus station and national highway 1A, is a district with many advantages in development. trade, services, transportation and marine economy.


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